Campagin: You begin at the Snt. Liberty bar. Where Gen. Addam Calebs. Marks victory after Nicole Hekors defeat marked. You (Shadow) have drank an alien antidote. In the beginning: UFO's swarm after you drink the antidote that morning you wake up not knowing that your fast awaken by Private Gregory.


1. Awakining.

2. Ceraks cave.

3. Derananian Ejahker Aceheart fight.

4. Addams MIA.

5. Kieelras Cave Dreamiks Battle.

6. Addams found.

7 and 8. Escape parts 1 and 2.

9. Kenwroos fight.

10. To the heart of the world.

11 and 12 death day acts 1 and 2.


Shepard "Aceheart".




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