Story: After the events of flashback 2. P.E.A.R.L.S.E.A.K.E.R blew up after the burst from the ring that killed Flash squad. When they deployed they were running to the Hearo Evacs to prepare. After landing on Earth's first resource. The dropout load: XM8 Assualt rifle with Scope. PXM Pistol.

Later: Nicloe Herker himselve steals the Antidote when H.I.S.A was not looking.

Then: When going to get The Antidote. Nicole says: "IT'S MINE!" And starts hitting Shadow. He throws Shadow into the UFO Door blackhole. After sucsessfully grabbing onto a pole he survives and kicks Nicole wich starts the battle.

Instructions: Nicloe will start grabbing onto Shadow's body so he can suck his H.I.S.A intellagince. Make sure you give Nicole a heap helping of a boot. He will then give Nicole's health a 20% lower of his 100% health. Shoot Nicole 5 times in the head. Nicole won't fall that easily. Finally one last shot to the brain of Nicole. He will turn back to normal going "NOOOOOOOO!" And it says: Campagin Cleared then it shows the ending.

End: Pvt. Keller says Shadow was good at killing Nicole and the alien's force. And then it says the end on a rock with blood on it.

Add ons: Rezzerection map pack. Alternive unitere Map pack. And death eye map pack.


Try not to shoot yourselve.


Do miminum damage to kill them.


Deadly. A cold killer and hard difficulty.

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