Campagin: The story starts out with Shadow himselve in the capsule for a weird reason. Once before an Exteranation alien breed tries to kill him. Flashburst saved his life. While on a ship. He shoots Reks an alien from a toxic concoction. But after alot. He gets abducted to kill the alien king. Wich there is more missions after the Reks.

Multiplayer Modes:

Bloodbath/ Last man standing: Players must dominate against each other. And the final one standing will earn the champion of Bloodbath.

Team Bloodbath: Teams must dominate against each other. Like the Team Slayer from Halo. You can respawn.

CTF: Capture the flag points for your team.

PvP: Player Vs Player matches is a 1o1 match that will be imposible.

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